Three passions drive Wildwatch: the Algarve, Wildlife and the pleasure to preserve these two treasures.

The experiences that we offer have been born from our dedication,contemplation, study and preservation of the fabulous wildlife that inhabit our waters. From the splendor hidden in our coasts’ recesses, the ancestral fishing and shellfish collecting sites, to the marks left by a history full of episodes of adventures and heroes.

Targeted by wildlife captures until very recently, marine mammals gained our sympathy and fascination, but also the status of protected species.

Carried out in a responsible way by qualified staff,  our activities claim to be magical and intense experiences in connecting with nature, providing unique moments used to raise environmental awareness.

Wildwatch is certified for tourism and scientific observation of cetaceans. With its experienced and qualified team, Wildwatch guarantees compliance with all the rules that safeguard the welfare of cetaceans and other marine species.
The environmental education program introduces dimension and depth to all experiences.


From March to November, the experienced marine biologist team sails to explore the amazing coastline caves or off on the discovery of  fascinating creatures such as: dolphins, whales, turtles and birds in their natural habitat.

“Phenomenal experience. Wonderful people. The highlight of our 18 day holiday :)”
26 de Outubro de 2015
Nikhilmalik, Mumbai, India
“Loved this! (…) seeing dolphins where they live was incredible! The onboard marine biologist was a plus.(…) Being a smaller boat allowed is to get quite close to the pod of dolphins we were following! Highly recommend.”
October, 2015
Simcoedweller, Canada
“I was most impressed with the whole experience. You could tell the staff take a genuine interest in what they are doing.”
August 2015
Mark B
All the staff were friendly (multi-lingual) and knowledgable; an excellent trip. Quote of the day, (from 8 year old) “I want to be a dolphin”.
April 2015
Thoresway, UK



When it comes from the heart, things go further and feel different. We offer something a bit more special.

Straight from the Heart

Here we share a video with some nice moments of our journey, our roots and our passion! Thanks to everyone that joined us out there! [...]