Our mission is to offer unforgettable experiences when connecting with nature, sharing our passion and our concerns, following a conservation perspective.

A descendant of generations of Algarve fishermen, André Dias wanted to add value to the family business becoming marine biologist.
Throughout his academic life at the University of Algarve, he stood out in associative projects such as the nuclei of Underwater Activities and Students of Biology. In 2003 and 2004, chaired the Students Association of the University of Algarve, leaving an unavoidable legacy in defining the Laws of Basis of Higher Education and Social Education in Portugal. Nationally, he was vice president of the Federation of University Sports and joined the National Council of Social Action for Education.

From 2004, due to crisis in the fisheries sector, he devoted most of his time to revitalize the family business, taking on the roles of manager while part of the crew of the traditional seiner “Arrifana”. During this period, he also focuses on training in Ecotourism, Participatory Methods in Fishing Communities, Foreman Fisherman, Coastal Skipper, PADI Dive Master and Seabirds Observer by ESAS (European Sea Birds at Sea) in Portugal. In the UK, is a certified as Marine Mammal Observer by JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) and as a PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) operator.

By conquering business sustainability in fisheries, he devoted himself to the oceanic exploration activities, turning his dream project into a reality, with Wildwatch, in 2012.

The Ocean is my life since i can remember! I felt the need to share my passion, putting together the ingredients for an unforgettable experience that you can take through life.

  • Get together a group of passionate people. When you love what you do work is leasure.
  • Leave a conservation seed in everyone’s heart!
  • To design our experiences, first of all, we imagined the perfect experience (for ourselves) and made them real. Then we learn from the results, we listen to our costumers and keep following the route to perfection (which will never end)!
  • Never miss the extraordinary opportunity of acquiring Knowledge, collecting good quality data every trip we go out, and use it to improve our work, in a daily basis!
  • Always be honest and offer crystal clear information.
  • Be obsessed about safety!


Our Promise is to do our best to offer you a great experience sharing our knowledge our passion and our concerns.


The boats that take us to explore the ocean!